Wednesday, 29 January 2014


You who are no stranger to vandalism –
Do you feel the hurt-smash splinter-tinkle
of panes of painted glass? Your sanctuary
has been violated – Violence did no harm
to its thick masonry. But its device is

The root of all evil prompted them.
The root of all evil has been delving deep for some time.
Would this stab at its heart or the cancerous
mutation of purpose kill you again?

In the moonlight, it grew fungal
dark and magnificent.

But there are those who would let it rot.

©Aoife Troxel

Vandals Break into Ronchamp Chapel

Aoife Troxel has been writing poetry since the age of six. Luckily, she's improved since then. Before becoming a legal adult she was already two-time winner of the Poets Meet Painters Competition youth section. She has also read her poetry in Sežana, Slovenia as Cuisle Young Poet of the Year.