Friday, 3 January 2014


I was one of those, the millions
 who cried when she died.
For reasons I still can’t fully understand.
Diana – she once a Princess
seemed so misplaced to me.
Killed in the back of a car
fleeing from those who sought claim to her face.
Money, everything is always about the money.
It cost her, her life that night: 
Continually steeped in the blackness of grubby
conspiracy theories – oh how they
lined them up – then shot them down.
Tin  soldiers on the parade ground with
no where to run.
As into the matador’s arena they flung
each and every one.
Today rest assured; we can all sleep soundly again
having learned there was NO
SAS involvement – did we ever
really, think there was.
Surely, such men of honour would

never stoop so low.
Could it really be that on that
fatal night -
Two men – plus one denounced Princess
each exited this life.
Fleeing from the eyes of the world in the
hands of a driver who had 
drained the bottle dry.
Poppy  is from Cumbria and shares her life with her animals dogs, sheep and cats. She has had many works published in anthologies, magazines, websites.
More of her work  is available here.