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Thursday, 9 January 2014


cute kittens and big-eyed puppy dogs
and bunnies with fluffy cotton tails
fairy tale princesses with impossible hair
in floating, fancy frocks
sparkle dust,
lots of pastel pink and rosebuds
(yes I know it's suspect)
balloons too, all gaily-coloured
a picture of candles on a cake
and piles of presents in shiny paper
an explosion of stars across a rainbow
teddy bears
hedgehogs in aprons
mice in paper hats

the things is though
as far as I know
there are no cards
with bombs
perhaps you can imagine it:
now that you are 8

Abigail Wyatt

Eight year old girl captured as she attempted to detonate suicide vest

Abigail Wyatt writes poetry and short fiction. She lives near Redruth in Cornwall where she oscillates between hopes and despair.


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  2. Sorry about this. We have been experiencing a few problems with the site of late. :-(