Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Things

Like his mother before her
Their cameras flash at the sapphire ring
Like his mother before her
The media moulds her into a living thing

A thing with its grey hairs magnified
A thing when the wind exposes its thighs
A thing that comforts the public mind
with displays of sadness and all things kind

 You'll find them for sale on the newsagents shelf
Where images of others things generate wealth
The pages flick to bodies in common,
fully dressed, semi dressed and top shelf un-dressed

They all look down upon her crown,
Pouting and crotch-less
Cheaper than the price of any duchess
Kept in line by each shot and caption

...'Another Marilyn moment' in action
A bullied blond falls drugged from the sky
Her skirt is lifted by the authorial eye

Between tiara, knicker-line and page 3 heads
Women as commodities make a good spread,
Stuck between the whore and Madonna we stand
Whilst the profiteers rub their grubby hands.

©Bryn Hyfrd

Bryn Hyfrd juggles poetry, children and work, attempting to keep most of the balls in the air most of the time.Waveattheworld.blogspot.com