Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Revisit

Today I had a chance to visit,
the place I had spent
most of my life,
where I had passed
the time calmly enough
where I had often asked myself,
‘What more-
am I suppose to do?’

Desperation pushed
me to take risks.
Sadness hit me
like an arrow,
entered my flesh.

Blessed be the part
of me that protects
from too much pain
and sorrow;
because when the torment
was too severe-

I felt nothing.


Amy Barry

Amy Barry writes poems and short stories. She has been a regular contributor to Poetry 24. Her poems have been published in anthologies, journals, and e-zines, in Ireland and abroad such as Mad Swirl, EDP, The New Ulster, First Cut, Misty Mountain Review, The Plum tree kindle. Trips to India, Nepal, China, Bali, Paris, Berlin, have all inspired her work.