Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sunday review

Monday, confusingly enough, stated with David Mellor's poem "It's Black Friday" which is a cry against the sort of aggressive consumerism that engulfs people from time to time. David gives a message in the poem that is eloquently summed up by this extract.
And that one day
You are “passionate”
About  something
Other than
Tuesday's poem was "end of the bird shooting season" by Philip Johnson which centred on the announcement that Amazon made that it will soon have drones delivering books. I may be wrong but I think Philip welcomes this addition to target richness. Amazon appears to be trying to prove the saying of sales flying out the door.
Laura Taylor provided Wednesday's poem "McGarrigle's Glasgow" which is a wonderful memorial of a poet killed in the helicopter crash in Glasgow. It has some great imagery in it for example
"in the midst of McGarrigle’s Glasgow -
the artists and players, singers and sculptors,
poets and prophets and pipers and drummers
remember the heat of your heart;"
Abi contributed Thursdays poem Knit One, Slip One, Pass the Slipped Stitch Over about Casey Jenkins who is probably not going to be appearing on the Knitting Channel any time soon. "Boring the bloody pants off the rest of us" is very nice word play.
Friday's poem "A Lost Generation" by Mari Maxwell would be one of the more confronting poems I have read on Poetry24 but with absolutely every right to be like that. The incident it describes is extremely shocking. Mari manages to retell horrifc events without pulling punches and yet we don't feel so revolted that we blot it out. It's very well written. The comments for the poem will repay your reading of them too.
Have a good week, may the news muse visit and convince you to send in the results.