Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sunday review.

Douglas Polk's "Ukraine" started the week at Poetry24 with a look at how the Ukrainians are continuing their resistance against their government.  I like how the opening of the poem reminds us of the history of the country:
Lenin falls again,
still unfeeling,
a heart of stone
Amy Barry's "The Revisit" on Tuesday, took us back to the return trip to Robben Island that Nelson Mandela took and surmised at how he would have felt. Amy makes a very poignant assessment in:
Blessed be the part

of me that protects

from too much pain
and sorrow;
Apologies to Amy for the formatting error. Blogger must have been playing its tricks again.
James Bessant  with "No Laughing Matter" made a welcome return to Poetry24 on Thursday. He looked at the way even the best of intentions can lead us into seriously bad company. It is a sobering thought.
 Luigi Pagano finished up the week with "News Travel Fast"  which says how a lot of us feel about the "24 hour news cycle"
Oh, how I wish that the Muse
would bring me good news!
Mildly cheering would be an improvement!
Well, have a good week everyone. If you're celebrating Christmas then I hope it's a good one. Keep sending in your poems, Poetry24 will still be open.