Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sunday Review

We began the week with Darrell Petska's 'The Needle's Eye', a comment on the remarks made by talk show host Rush Limbaugh to the effect that the Pope's 'Evangelii Gaudem' was little short of 'pure Marxism'. Then, on Tuesday, we had Bryn Hyfrd's poem 'The Things' which addresses the very pertinent question of the media's representation of female identity. I love the final stanza so I am going to quote it in full:
      Between tiara, knicker-line and page 3 heads
     Women as commodities make a good spread,
     Stuck between the whore and Madonna we stand
     Whilst the profiteers rub their grubby hands.

On Wednesday, we published 'AIDS in Light and Shade' by Pijush Kanti Deb, a poem written in response to World AIDS Day and to the suggestion by a ONE report that we might have reached beginning of the end of AIDS in Africa. The poem reminds us, however, that 'This is not a foregone conclusion' because and that 'an ocean of blood and sweat / is yet to be spent'.

On Thursday, we had 'Self portrait' by Martha Landman, a poem which, as Deborah Tanzer commented, was 'Powerful, moving and beautifully worded.  It you have not read this piece already, then please clink on the link immediately.

Finally, on Friday, it was the turn of regular contributor, David Mellor, to comment of the 'selfie' for which David Cameron posed alongside the Danish Prime Minister and Barak Obama. 'Photo.............Shoot' is an uncompromising poem, as we have come to expect from Mr Mellor. It is true that another contributor, Luigi Pagano, has suggested that David Cameron cannot be blamed for events that occurred before he came to office; personally, however, I am in agreement with David M.  It seems to me that Mr Cameron makes no secret of his admiration for Margaret Thatcher and the fact is that, in his youth, at least, he was no great friend to the equally youthful Mandela.  

And, on that note, I leave you for another two weeks.  Please do keep the submissions coming in but please also be aware that, as the holiday season approaches, Hamish and I will be under some pressure.  In particular, if you could make sure that you add your bio to your submission even if it is the same as last time. The thing is, you see, it saves us a lot of time when we are getting your work ready for publication.