Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sunday Review

This is my wishing tree.  I am sharing all my good wishes for 2014. 

So, here we are remembering Christmas and approaching the New Year.  In Cornwall, at least, the weather has been windy, wet and wild and this has led to some problems getting on line.  Thanks are due, therefore, to our regulars, both readers and contributors, for bearing with us over the festive period.

We began the week with Clare McCotter's 'The Light in Argenteuil', which makes a telling comment on two quite different stories both of which relate to a decision over whether or not to grant bail.  One anonymous commentator was bold enough to challenge Clare's use of the lovely word 'cypseline' which turns out to mean 'of or relating to swifts'. Now I freely admit to not knowing this word either - after all, even editors can't know everything - but I look forward, with much relish, to using it on at least one occasion in 2014. 
On Tuesday, Christmas Eve' we published my own 'A Blessing for the Winter Solstice' together with a photograph of the bears' Christmas party which showed just some of my six or seven hundred bears. This was followed on Thursday by Bryn Hyfrd's 'Slaves at Christmas' which, unfortunately caused us a few problems in as much as we appear to have confused two versions of the poem and, due to Hotmail being down for some time, were unable to do anything about it.  Hamish and I are mortified that this happened and we hope that Bry will forgive us. Now that there are just the two of us things can sometimes get a bit fraught and, recently, both the weather and the demands of the season have gone against us.  

On Friday we published David Mellor's 'A Gift X' and I hope that readers took the time to click on the link for the video. I tried to embed it but it was one of those occasions when my PC just wasn't having it.  Anyway, thank you David for sending us the clip. I  for one could listen to that accent all day. 

Finally, on Saturday, it was left to Eric Olsen to remind us of the recent passing of the very elegant and talented 'Joan Fontaine' who played opposite Cary Grant in the Alfred Hitchcock classic,  'Suspicion'. Thank you,Eric, for allowing us to pay tribute to one who might easily have been overlooked.  

Well, we are almost done with 2013, though there may be a poem or two still to come.  We will be trying to operate as usual over the New Year but, with another storm forecast for Cornwall, there may be disruptions. Here's wishing you all a happy, peaceful and productive 2014.  Please keep those submissions coming in but, also, please read the Submission Guidelines.  It does make things a great deal easier for Hamish and I if our contributors adhere to them exactly. 

Abigail Wyatt