Thursday, 26 December 2013

Slaves at Christmas

Said the master to his servants
'You must feed her with a silver spoon
And she will sing at my command
And sang she did, 
a lonely nightingale
in a golden cage 

Who is master, who is slave 
Is it the master, the servants or the nightingale ?

A starving lioness kills and feeds her 
weakest cub to her other cubs

Is it the lioness, the cubs, or nature
Who is master, who is slave ?

She laces the babies milk with vodka
A docile baby makes begging easier

Is it the mother, baby, or the traffickers
Who is master, who is slave ?

340 times she applies, gets no replies
Can she sink any lower, when there's 
fewer jobs than people

Is it the woman, or economy
Who is master, who is slave ?

The old man's stays cold in December
His arrears, a mountain too high to climb

Is it the man, the utilities or free trade
Who is the master, who is the slave ?

His allies are cooperation's and banks
Not the voters who put him there without thanks

Is it the m.p., the banks, or the voters
Who is master, who is the slave ?

Taxation serves the rich at the expense of the poor
Polarities widening more and more

Santa cannot feed his reindeer 
Eats at the foodbank
Buys gifts at Poundland 

As we rape our planet of its finite resources
Are we now the slaves of our own master plan ?

©Bryn Hyfrd

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