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Friday, 13 December 2013


Where  were you when he really  needed you ?
Labelled a Terrorist
Pumped money into the hateful regime
Let Barclays bank buy  bullets that cut his people down
Your party is obscene

you’re taking a selfie now
like it’s a wedding
or lads stag do

you had no respect for Mandela
and you couldn't
have cared less
about Soweto
Johannesburg   and Cape Town too

you’re on a photo ………..shoot
that’s  what you let the apartheid  regime do

Cameron's selfie at Mandela's memorial

©David Mellor


  1. While I sympathise with your obvious dislike of the Tory party and the treatment it may have meted out to the apartheid South Africa, I feel that I have to highlight the anachronism in your piece. Cameron was defeated in his first candidacy for Parliament at Stafford in 1997, but was elected in 2001 as the Member of Parliament for the Oxfordshire constituency of Witney.
    Apartheid finally ended in 1994 with Nelson Mandela being inaugurated South Africa’s first democratically elected President.
    I would suggest that Cameron had nothing to do with events that happened prior to that period.
    It is like saying that because I am Italian I am responsible for what the Romans did.

  2. thanks for your comments lets remember who Cameron's hero is Ms Thatcher

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