Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Winter Solstice

A Blessing for the Winter Solstice

Let us make ready to make Saturnalia
by upturning this grim world on its head;
let us be jesters who go tumbling, all,
to find a new expansiveness of heart.

Today let us be kind to each other,
making fools of ourselves for love's sake.
Let us rejoice to exchange our crowns 
for a wisdom worn to tatters and rags.

And let us be merry, and offer small gifts,
tokens of good will and affection:
here is a candle, here a blessing, and a prayer.
Say that, even in this darkness, we will shine.

Abigail Wyatt

Hamish and I would like to express our grateful thanks to all our contributors.  I am afraid that Hotmail is down at the moment so we cannot access our submissions so we- and the bears - are sending this seasonal greeting. We will resume normal service as soon as possible.