Friday, 1 November 2013

Zombie Antidote

Down our streets shuffle and moan
the zombie horde, off to work
or a mass feeding—nothing better to do
than crave living flesh. They've invaded
supermarkets and malls, even our pubs!
Sounds of their banquetings linger into night.

The police can't stem the slobbering mob.
The military succumbed to them long ago.
The average citizen is left to cower indoors.

News has been grim, yet gone unreported is
not a poet has been bitten—as if
imaginative minds repel zombie teeth.
How ironic, except to poets themselves, that
poetry, rather than barricades and brain shots,
might be an answer to this plodding scourge.

What works for poets must work for others:
cultivated widely, surely creative minds will
finally leave zombies with nothing to chew.
(As for the unemployed zombie population,
there'll come an ingenious solution, say,
first-line defense against beefy extraterrestrials?)

© Darrell Petska

Darrell retired recently after more than 30 years as an editor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His poetry appears in a variety of online and print publications.
Why are zombies so popular?