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Thursday, 7 November 2013


I thought I wanted
that new fridge, washer, drier, dishwasher –
devouring department stores on
wet, winter weekends – enthralled
by chrome, push button, A+++ rated efficiency
(to save our planet)
                                                Some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder
                                                I say it’s here, now –
                                                greens, blues, an autumn leaf
                                                curling in the glow of a setting sun.
                                                Hues of umber, scents of bark,
                                                soft footfalls in pristine
kitchens – steel, gleaming –
discard the old
(three years at least).
I thought I wanted
that new TV, the latest Mac,
wireless keyboard to travers
                                                continents, myriad lands
                                                mountains, meadows, glaciers
                                                sands, where
time –
dripping, ebbing,
breathing toxic
waste and
Dumping cathode-ray
tubes on precious soils
                                                children scavenge,
                                                nails to bone
                                                work the lands
of Western Waste –
precious commodities
for our planet’s

©Carolyn Cornthwaite    

Carolyn is a writer in mind, body and soul. She does other things to pay the bills. She blogs (sometimes) and moves ever closer to her life in France. http://about.me/carolyncornthwaite


  1. Nicely done Carolyn and the 'second' poem an excellent commentary too.

    I am led to believe that even low grade recycling is a scam of seeing to be doing good (for our environment) and the report of dumping 'illegal' fridges in Ghana comes as no surprise at all

    Anna :o].

  2. Thank you Anna, I was most moved by the photograph that accompanies the story; whilst I knew (to some extent) that recycling wasn't all it seems I don't think I ever imagined the environmental destruction that was depicted in that single scene.