Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Gatecrasher of the Queen Charlotte's Ball

Are my earrings there

are my boobs still in

is my hair just right

do I look too thin

will they notice me

with my long blonde hair

at this pukka,

elite social affair.


Will they know I'm a fake

will they know that I'm broke

I've only come here to pull a rich bloke;

I can't take a 'selfie'

my phone is just crap

and my high heeled shoes

are only from Gap.

I've learnt the names Dior, Armani,

Fendi, Prada & Versace,

and don't forget my Burberry bag

(they'll never know I've stitched the tag).

But, the more I watch ...I'll be okay,

no one will notice anyway,

for their own face, is all they see

in this make believe high society.

©Pippa Sherman

A group of modern debutantes gathered in London on Saturday

Pippa Sherman loves writing in different styles, but loves nothing more than a good excuse to write humour or an occasional rant or two (in the nicest possible way of course).