Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tender Care

So they’re farming out community care
Tendering elders’ needs to an economically viable flare
Selling out to ‘so-called’ efficiency
A guise
No time wasting
Just monetary proficiency
But will the service be better
Than the shoddiness that’s gone before
Decades of shamefulness
Our vulnerable, ill and elderly have had to endure
Careless individuals
With too much control
And power
Over unseen lives
And so many mistakes
And so many lies to cover up the wrongs
The closing of ranks
Things go unreported
For too long
And for some it was too late
Now a frail, lonely person doesn’t ask for much out of life
Some necessary caring
Normal respect
To be treated with dignity
And listened to
So let’s hope this tendering leads to something more tender
Let’s hope good transparent practice
Is high up on the agenda.

 © Janeta Hevizi

Jani / Janeta is a former primary school teacher. She also spent two years training as an NHS nurse. She is the author of 3 children's books set in Cornwall entitled: SHANTI THE WANDERING DOG OF SENNEN & THE LAND'S END; MIGRANTS & PASTIES; and co-author of THE TRUE STORY OF BILBO THE SURF LIFEGUARD DOG. Janeta's hobby is writing, and her ambition is to complete other writing projects, including more children's books set in Cornwall, a novel, and stage plays. She is available to do author talks and school visits. Janeta lives in far west Cornwall, but was born in London and lived for many years in Bath.