Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sunday Review

This week, we began the week with Philip Johnson's 'illustrious', a caustic comment on the recent story in which Owen Paterson advised water company bosses to convert “unexpectedly high profits” into “tangible benefits for customers”. 

Then, on Tuesday, Jane Slavin gave us the delightful 'bomb hoax bridegroom' in which she asks what exactly it was that the prevented the unfortunate forgetful groom from keeping his appointment with his would-be bride.  

On Wednesday, Pippa Sherman's  'The Gate Crasher of the Queen Charlotte's Ball' was playful but pithy with her lively depiction of a gatecrasher at the debutantes' ball while, on Thursday, it the turn of Luigi Pagano and 'Rocket Science', a piece which, perhaps, calls into questions the motives behind and the morality of India's rocket to Mars.

Finally, on Friday, we concluded with David Mellor and 'Modern Tart' which brings into powerful focus the lunatic obscenity of the notion that any piece of 'art' can merit the $105 million price tag now associated with Andy Warhol's 'Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster)'.

On that note, I have nothing more to say. Hang on in there.

Abigail Wyatt