Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sunday Review

As I write this, news is coming out, slower than molasses, of the deal that has been reached with Iran. This highlights the "interesting" times that we live in and makes us scratch our heads that we had a day with no submissions. Abi's poetry bears made another appearance which seems to have had the right effect. Write on fellow poets!
Abi's poem "Goodbye Western Black Rhino" was Monday's poem. We are all belittled when we allow this sort of thing to happen. New Zealand lost a unique type of Teal duck the week before so this very fine, sad poem had a double piquancy for me.
There are some very evocative lines in it e.g.
"You must take your leave:
your lumbering ghost slips
into the puzzle that is history."
 Janeta Hevizi's poem "Tender Care" was Tuesday's poem. It dealt with a subject that is going to become more and more of an issue as the population ages. There is some justified anger just under the surface of this very good  poem which makes a plea for humane treatment of old folks.  
 "Now a frail, lonely person doesn’t ask for much out of life
Some necessary caring
Normal respect
To be treated with dignity".
Luigi Pagano has a winning way with words and showed that off in Wednesday's poem "An Invitation to the Palace"   which neatly skewered the poetry soiree thrown by Buckingham Palace recently. It is nicely summed up by the final stanza
Her views on the monarchy
is what got her barred
but the Palace hoisted
its own petard.

Thursday's poem was Philip Johnson's "christmas seems a crime to celebrate this year" which was a small sharp stiletto of a poem which asks the pertinent question
'why can't the all just bugger off
to the bank "

I hope you all have a good week and that the muse pays a visit. Better that than Abi's bears, know what I mean?