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Thursday, 28 November 2013

'Greed is good'

'Greed is good,' says Boris,
'Greed will make us great.
Greed it is that oils the wheels
and steers our ship of state;
and greed it is inspires us
to do what must be done
to dispossess the workers
for the sake of Number One.
Greed is the light that warms our days
and keeps us from the dark;
our Saviour, our Redeemer, too;
Greed is our fire, and we but sparks.'

Now no one's greatly shocked
to hear that this is BJ's creed:
the sanctity of profit,
the heresy of need;
yet, surely, it should worry us
that not one voice has said: 'Hold on,
The whole idea is flawed, old boy.
It is, quite simply, wrong.'

Abigail Wyatt


Abigail writes poetry and short fiction and tries to live in hope. Sometimes, as this morning, words fail her.

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