Friday, 8 November 2013


She wanted an escape
from living inside a bag
with a pillbox for postage and speech

So she drank a potion
rubbed herself in testosterone lotion
and bum fluff grew within a week

She fell in love with the caresses of air
and warm strokes of sunshine upon her hair
and dared to belly wobble up the street

see her button blinking
as she walks through winking
at smoky beards in coffee houses

Men came from far and wide
hiding their fascination
for the curvaceous curls of
the hairy orator

Her greatest fear was being
caught in the act, living a
life of fun outside the sack, 
always on the run, with its
contents open.

©Raquel d"Andel

Raquel  explains: Idea of poem relates to a reversal of witness wanting to undress, escape bag (Naqab) and live life as a man.
Don't know if this will be appropriate- ie politically correct - but when I read each story I flipped it around in my head- a reversal analogy I guess which challenges taboos about gender and individual freedom.
Raquel d'Andel  is proud of 3 things- bringing up 4 relatively sane children (even if their mother isn't !) in a flat in South East London. Riding and surviving on a beautiful sky blue bike. Working for one of the best public library authorities in London. As for my writing- I am always hopeful. Raquel's website is