Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Civil War and Syria

A bloody devastation-
caused by external jealousy and enmity,
maybe, somehow endurable
but Mother Syria is speechless to console
herself and  to compensate her losses  
as the destruction is caused only by
the jealousy and enmity
among  her own children.
Self-devastated now Syria is,
experiencing quite helplessly
the colossal ambition of dogmatic characters
to attain the status of supremacy -
piling the dead rivals into a stack
to reach the level of abundance
throwing millions of lives at risk
and thus bring about a dreadful
consequence---a civil war.
Mother Syria realises the consequence,
and flies weeping from east to west
and north to south to save her children.
Alas! She cries out seeing one lac of dead bodies
scattered here and there half merged in blood
and 9.3 million children are still in danger-
escaping to save their lives
to the neighbouring countries---
Lebanon, Jordon, Turk, Iraq and Egypt.
Oh dear offspring of Noah-
the devotees of universal mankind,
come out of Ark, observe and realise
the pain that Mother Syria suffers from,
listen carefully to the whispering prayer
that she leaves in the air
and follow the white cloud
that comes from the sky of Syria carrying
the written message of her importunity.
Let us pray for Mother Syria
and reunification of her children and
above all, a peaceful treaty among the warrior
to bring about the end of the civil-war.

© P.K.Deb

P.K.Deb has had poems published in many journals and online and is an Associate Professor in Economics.