Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sunday Review

Philip Johnson's poem "the perfect poem for april fools" was our Monday poem and up one of the big themes of the week, that of mistrust of governments. Disturbingly enough, all around the world, this "cynical" attitude appears to be well founded. As Philip says we may believe anymore "now they tell us work will always pay".
 Luigi Pagano's poem addressed the feeling that we all have of being under surveillance. "I Spy" concluded with : drop this eavesdropping / and do for once play ball. Which something we all feel like saying at the moment.
On Wednesday David Mellor urged us to "Blow Up The Pipelines"   which will have had the NSA becoming very interested in us.  It is a very good poem and says what a lot of people are feeling. I recommend that you seek out the youtube clips of David reading his poems. 
On Thursday Abi got her bears to ask for submissions and luckily we got "A Prayer" by Vala Hafstad which focused on the misadventures of the  "Bishop of Bling". Not a very inspiring chap but a very good poem. A heartfelt prayer from the Bishop about those things closest to his soul.
Please keep the submissions up folks, Poetry24 has never been more important to use to tell the world what you think of it.
Have a good week.