Friday, 11 October 2013

Low Voltage & High Prices

There is something wrong,
I keep getting a shock.
The energy companies
are talking poppycock:
“The wholesale cost of fuel
is once more on the rise
so to ensure supplies
we must do likewise”.
They follow one another
in putting up the price
and that, you must admit,
is not very nice.
Ed made a suggestion:
“let’s have a freeze”,
but David dismissed it
saying it was a wheeze.
Opinions may differ
on who has got it right
but, looking at the bills,
I know I get a fright.
We can ask ourselves
‘Why?’ and ‘What if’
yet end bankrupt
as well as frozen stiff.

© Luigi Pagano

SSE to raise gas and electricity prices by 8.2%

Luigi Pagano's work has appeared in various anthologies and publications.