Monday, 28 October 2013

A Peasant's Revolt

John Ball encourages the rebels. Wat Tyler is shown in red at the front.
The peasants, it seems, are revolting;
the Estuary stirs to unrest:
there are those who speak out for rebellion
on behalf of the sorely oppressed;
and then there are those who will cower and cringe
and complain things have got out of hand;
and those who will plot to keep power and place;
and those who say fight and be damned;
then again, there are some who prefer not to see,
or who see but do not understand;
and some who excuse exploitation and greed
in the name of supply and demand;
and then there are those who are fearful,
and some by their fears are unmanned;
but others there are who hold the fight dear:
as Essex bred Tyler, so it bred Brand.

Abigail Wyatt

Peasants' Revolt
Wild emotions...