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Monday, 28 October 2013

A Peasant's Revolt

John Ball encourages the rebels. Wat Tyler is shown in red at the front.
The peasants, it seems, are revolting;
the Estuary stirs to unrest:
there are those who speak out for rebellion
on behalf of the sorely oppressed;
and then there are those who will cower and cringe
and complain things have got out of hand;
and those who will plot to keep power and place;
and those who say fight and be damned;
then again, there are some who prefer not to see,
or who see but do not understand;
and some who excuse exploitation and greed
in the name of supply and demand;
and then there are those who are fearful,
and some by their fears are unmanned;
but others there are who hold the fight dear:
as Essex bred Tyler, so it bred Brand.

Abigail Wyatt

Peasants' Revolt
Wild emotions...

1 comment:

  1. so far it's a quiet revolution (I'm alright, Jack). However, once Scotland has independence and they start to demand reparations for a couple of centuries English rule robbing oil and such, once those Scots living in England are faced by the Home Office vans fuelling the fires of xzenophobia (and the old enemies of Wales and Ireland sense the opportunity to get some of their own back), then the smug out of touch indifferent may really be left head in hands.

    P Axman