Tuesday, 17 September 2013


They launched you in happier days

Of wide lapels, long shirt collars

And baggy trousers

The year Elvis died

And Hotel California was a hit

Your mission to enter

Inter stellar space

Bearing gifts

An eight track tape recorder

A computer

With 240,000 times

Less memory

Than a mobile phone

Also a nuclear reactor

Just a small one

Nothing nasty

You took your time

We nearly lost interest

But today the news

Is that you have left

The solar system

Apparently you are moving

At eleven miles per second

Not so slow

After all

Soon we will lose all contact

As your journey continues

Into infinity

Perhaps we will never know
How our gifts were received

Those recordings of birdsong

The President’s message

The music of Beethoven,

Mozart, Blind Willie Johnson

And Chuck Berry

All presents from a small

Distant world

But at least we can answer confidently

The annoying question every child asks

“Are we there yet?”

Yes we are!
©David Subacchi