Saturday, 14 September 2013

Vorsprung durch Technik

Without a welfare top-up, the pittance paid to Aufstockers,
German contract workers, a million plus, leaves them short.
A dwindling dole reduces their compatriots to skip-searches and roadkill.

Decrepit wraiths are stretchered out of nursing home cells
to face court charges, on account of their employment long ago
as lowly camp attendants, of colluding in The Holocaust
(mainstreamed as a unique event, nothing like it happening since).

A mile walked in worn-out shoes soon shows the wisdom of conformity
gurus like Goffman. Nobody wants to lose face for the sake of it.
Group trends overwhelm. Zimbardo, Milgram, Bion, Asch, Foucault
and others reported truths to set us free, whyfew would follow Socrates.
The stinging fly is a endangered species. We do what we must
for survival in the herd, brute survival, civilised by a serial number.

The other half harvest cooked credit ratings, guilt absolved by the dogma
That the crucified poor, exposed for easy aim, are socially weak.
The earnings gap globally widens. There’s loadsa money in war.
We surf on byproducts making us high and fiddle as our home burns.

We are always catching up with a panic of justice that persecutes
inconvenient proofs of our rank conspiracy, induced
by the logs in our eyes and the bars on our hearts

Germany's working poor.
Trials for camp guards

©Caroline Hurley