Friday, 20 September 2013

The Unheard

If a tree falls
in a deserted forest
does it make a sound?

If you heard her murmur
her whispered call
would you answer?
If she spoke of honour (shame)
marriage (forced)
Would you care?

Behind the door of her attic lair
(bruised and bleeding, filthy hair)
lurks such evil
(frail and scared)
she’ll tempt and tease and sully all
who tread within.

If a tree falls
in Neverland
does anyone believe

the girl who trembles
at footsteps
on the stair,
hands wringing, knuckles white
as twisted truths
ring out the night?

Still they play
their glory card –
honour and family,
marriage vows,
dirty girls who mess around.
And silence reigns, supreme.

If a girl falls
in a silent land
does anybody listen?

© Carolyn Cornthwaite

Carolyn writes poetry and fiction and blogs at . She has just finished the first draft of a novel and is slowly recovering. Next time she will write an uplifting tale with a joyous ending.