Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday review

The week began on a sad note for poetry as the news of the death of Seamus Heaney broke. Caroline Hurley's excellent poem "Salt of Our Earth" paid a great tribute to him in words and images that evoked his life and work perfectly.
John Saunders' poem "Atropine" was Tuesday's poem and said a lot in a few words. The contrast with the death dealing Belladonna plant and the antidote for gas attacks is very well made.
David Mellor's poem "NOT YOU" made a good point on Wednesday about how we can so easily switch off from horrendous events such as the gas attack. The downside of being as well informed about these things is that it is very easy to feel helpless and this leads to turning away .
My own poem for Seamus Heaney "Sláinte" was Thursday's poem. Siobhan raised some good points in the comments.
Carolyn Cornthwaite's poem "How Shalt Thou Kill Me?" 
Was Friday's poem and made the point about big nations and their, sometimes, contradictory stances. It is a memorable poem.
Luigi Pagano's poem "Rumpus in Olympus" continued the story of the current business elite who actually seem like criminals, must be a camera trick, eh? 
Keep up the submissions folks and have a good week. We have some blossom happening in NZ which is certainly cheering the place up a bit.