Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sunday Review

Hello everyone, I went to Leeds festival last weekend which was filled with music and torrential rain. I came back to your poetry on Monday which was started by Maurice Devitt with Me and my Shadow. This was a haunting story of a boy who was kidnapped in 1964 which turned out he had been returned to the wrong family. Maurice write from the perceptive of the boy, making it more haunting and heartbreaking.

Wednesday we had Cheesy Chips and a Huge TV by Carolyn Cornthwaite. This was about Jamie Oliver criticising cheese, chips and huge TVs as part of modern poverty. I felt a kind of disgruntled irony in this piece, filled with satirical imagery. I actually thought the structure of the poem was impressive.

On Thursday our own Poetry24 editor, Hamish Mack, took the reins and wrote for us, Hooray for theWreckers. The news story was a list of vice-chancellor’s salaries. It was a poem rich with imagery and irony. Carolyn Cornthwaite commented on the cannibalisation of our young and the snakes as being particularly vivid images.

Saturday was Wendy Nicholson’s Clarion Call. I chose this one to go out yesterday as I felt it was particularly strong near the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous ‘I have a dream’ speech. I liked how it began with ‘Why has nothing changed,’ and ends with ‘One day we shall be free!’

Unfortunately sometimes we miss days to post something, but that’s doesn’t mean we don’t read your work. Every piece is read over by all of us and we appreciate them all. Please continue to submit to us at poetry24@hotmail.comwith the title of your poem in the subject and, as usual, spread the word about Poetry24.