Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday Review

On Monday we posted  "Jesus Was A Home Birth"  by Caroline Hurley which talked about the problems and travails of having babies in Ireland. The splendid title showed up the intense irony of the situation.
Clare McCotter's "The Slate Greyhound" followed up on Tuesday with a poem about live horse exports to China from Ireland. There is some striking imagery in this poem and it illustrates a great love for horses.
Carolyn Cornthwaite's "Clutching" was Wednesday's poem which very movingly talked about the ironies involed in Afghanistan and Britain. The last two lines are very telling
Three rings herald the hope of death
Three shots mark the death of hope
We get some angry poems here but David R Mellor's F.U.CK GOD would have to be one of the angriest, just in relation to the size of the topic. But it is controlled anger and highlights the sort of anger we all feel about hypocrisy.
Danny P. Barbare's 24 Seconds To Live, Is That A Sport? was as short and punchy as the bout it described and so worked very well.
Keep on sending in your poems, it is by your efforts, mainly, that Poetry24 survives.