Friday, 6 September 2013

How Shalt Thou Kill Me?

(with acknowledgement to Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

How shalt thou kill me? Let me count the ways.
Kick me and strike me and leave me for dead,
then bomb my brothers asleep in their bed.
Shoot at protestors – live bullets are best,
no matter their unarmed (your soldiers confessed).
Kidnap, torture, genitals mutilate –
no level too low in your campaign of hate.
Bind me, commit me to blasphemous praise.
Burn and destroy – hang my head from a line.
Strangle and shake me and force my last breath.
Napalm’s not chemicals? Thus it is fine?
Try me unfairly, condemn me to death.
Kill tens of thousands – beware the red line –
No Chemical Warfare! RESPECT the U.S.

© Carolyn Cornthwaite

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