Monday, 9 September 2013

A Race cut to shreds

Precious oxygen wasted
To try and free his mind
Walled brain simply can’t compute
Too cocooned through time
Protests bounce off a conscience
Worn down to transparency
An ego trapped in cage of arrogance
Fuelled by hypocrisy
Letters of law seem jumbled up
Into nonsense in his head
The raw emotions of others
Minuscule and dead
But the cloak has slipped into the mud
No protection to be sought
All goodwill and positivity
Ground down now to nought
He can run a thousand marathons
But the truth has greater legs
The speed of time and justice
Will cut his race to shreds

© Simon Marks

Protesters pile pressure on shamed MSP Bill Walker to quit

Simon Marks is a 40-something journalist from the Northeast of England, working in Scotland, who just loves throwing words together and seeing what comes out - some of it readable.