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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

2020 vision

Domo arigato gozaimasu
We look forward to welcoming the nations of the world to the cleanest, most peaceful and economically sound Olympics ever held.
What about the little problem of all that radiation?
What radiation? Just always take air samples when the wind is blowing from the South.
The foreigners won't notice that.
How are we going to communicate with the influx of non-Japanese speakers?
Don't worry, just say YES most of the time and the odd NO, that always works.
The outsiders won't realize you can't understand English.
How do we explain the noisy motorbike gangs and the drunk salary men at night?
We'll tell the aliens the motorbike gangs are Chinese, and the drunk salary men are Korean.
They won't see through the lies.
Finally, the slight problem of not having enough money?
Our devious economic contortions famously known as 'Abenomics' will keep us in the black.
And hopefully the barbarians in the dark.
Let's hope the visitors don't have 20/20 vision.

© Damien Healy
Tokyo wins race for Olympic Games. 

Damien Healy is from Dublin in Ireland but has lived in Osaka, Japan for the past twenty years. He has been published in Poetry 24, Spinozablue and The Ofipress to name a few.


  1. Great poem Damien. Love the dark humour.

    1. Thanks Maurice, glad you enjoyed the poem and hopefully will send another one soon if something interesting comes up.

  2. Great poem, Damien. I love the black humour and the link to 20/20 vision! Sadly it reminds me of recent Olympics past - always the question of how to 'hide' the 'less-desirable' features of a country; unfortunately those 'less-desirable' features are often people and their lives/lifestyles that end up getting displaced.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. Every country wants to paint an unrealistic perfect image of themselves and hopefully others won't notice the grimy reality. Unfortunately it is usually the weakest in society that get erased from their government's picture perfect postcard. Let's hope this doesn't happen in Tokyo. Thanks again for your kind remarks.