Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunday Review

It is finally August and 2013 is flying by with excellent poetry submitting to us every day. I recently took on some new writing jobs as an editor for a novel and a copywriter but I’m still here at Poetry24. Just means I’m reading so much that I’m getting a new pair of glasses today. To begin with, we had Martha Landman send us For the Common Good. This was about the news story that swept the world. The royal baby. This was a positive take on the birth of the prince, writing with an easy flowing voice.

Wednesday was Woman in Chains by Caroline Hurley. This is a powerful poem on the subject of abortion laws in Ireland which recently saw The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill make abortion illegal even in the case of rape or incest. The poem directly relates this subject to slavery with the imagery of women being in physical chains with subjective limited freedom.

Next we had Leaving Vigo by Maeve O’Sullivan. This was about the Spanish train crash which killed 78. It is a haunting fantasy-like poem written from the perspective of a passenger on the train, hoping the reach the next stop, with the overwhelming dread that something is wrong.

One one of the editors of Poetry24 submitted on Friday. Abigail Wyatt submitted if you’re happy and you know it... This was an ironic take on the story that the Happiness Index had shown a small improvement, with ‘sadness rooted so deep.’

Yesterday we had Oneupmanship (after the birth of a blue blood) by Philip Johnson. This was about a UK designed mission to Mars that was written alongside a ridicule of the government and MPs. The satire was small be very effective.