Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday Review

Clare McCotter's  The Glass Case was our Monday poem which was inspired by a story of a python that killed two children. The poem gave a very good evocation of our two faced view of nature and how we sometimes forget about that "red in tooth and claw" bit. 
Abi's first poem of the week was "I'd like to think they're listening" on Tuesday and gave an interesting take on Irish newspapers dropping topless page 3 girls. I like the last two lines, especially:
for the truth is they fear us and hate us
who will neither be harlots nor toys.

Martha Landman's poem "The Broken Economic Clock"  pointed out that the economic system is largely unchanged and just as chaotic as ever. I like the lines:
falling backwards
head over heels.

Because of the imagery of tumbling they invoke.
Luigi Pagano's "Automation" told of the latest, frankly horrifying, piece of technological wizardry to afflict us all. A brave new world, citizens! As Luigi says :
I can’t see how it works,
if you want the truth,Abi's third poem "I Do Not Forget" was a sobering reminder of the past and how we must not forget it. Recent events on Twitter and in newspapers reveal that we have not progressed as much as we thought.
Have a good week folks, get your poems down on pixels and in to us. We want to hear what you think of the world and it's fabulous automated toilets, etc.  It is one way that we can stay in touch and share our concerns and our hopes.