Friday, 23 August 2013

“Red Line Crossed” (Sarin Skies)

It’s like watching hyenas
in the dark
slowly break the bones
of Syria alive,

Powers scrap in the shadows
of bloody entrails
as they try but fail
to decide,

On a mandate that sanctions
for the crime
of sarin
raping star-ridden skies,

Poison forced inside
to convulse
the most innocent of
Damascan eyes,

Then like lambs after slaughter
the silence of children
lying shrouded  
already died,

And the screams of those
left harrowing behind
wondering on words
for their unlawful goodbyes,

“Red line crossed,” “condemnations”
of the emptiest kind
sound from a world
asking about who and not why,

Choking the UN staying next door
whose voices
to count down bodies
the regime permittedly denies.

© Kerry-Louise Greenfield

Kerry is 30 years old from North West England. She say "I don't remember a time that I didn't write poetry and hope that it moves whoever reads it in some way."