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Monday, 5 August 2013


He’s not a god
But growing up in the crumbling north
He was more…

Whilst Wham blasted out Club Tropicana
And flags waved our troops home
He reminded me that you don’t have to be a thug to be a man, and to read is a blessing not a curse

He’s not a god
But growing up in the crumbling north
He was more

Made me stop
That life was not paper thin

His words laying our hearts
Wide open to receive
A nugget, a gem,
That I can still play
Over and over again

© David Mellor

Morrissey: has his light finally gone out?

David was born in Liverpool in 1964. He left school with nothing, rummaged around various dead end jobs, then back to college and uni. In his 20s he first discovered poetry, starting writing and performing and has done so ever since. I has lived on the Wirral for the past 8 years.


  1. I love the deep affection shown here, the pivotal role Morrissey played in your life...a song of tribute that repeats and affirms the strength of feeling ...Nice one, Michael..it has wings!

  2. thank you Barbara for your kind words, for my my poem of thanks X

  3. I like this one, David. Wonderfully evocative....

  4. thanks Steve glad you like it. cheers

  5. Lovely. I like the sentiments and very much like the line
    "That life was not paper thin"!

  6. thanks Martha and for liking that line too