Tuesday, 13 August 2013

I'd like to think they're listening

I'd like to think they're listening;
I'd like to but, truly, I don't think I can.
Is this, as they claim, a step forward;
or is it a sop and a scam?

And what of the people of Ireland:
are they really so 'different' to us?
Are the men altogether less macho,
or is it the women have just made more fuss?

So I'm not sure I've grasped where they're going
or where this whole business might lead.
It isn't a question of nipples or not
but a matter of profit and greed.

And, if they think now to placate us,
we should resist and reject this new ploy;
for the truth is they fear us and hate us
who will neither be harlots nor toys.

©Abigail Wyatt

The Sun's Irish edition drops topless page 3 pictures

Abigail lives in Cornwall but is thinking about moving to Wales. People have a fondness for poets there, or so she has heard.