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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hooray for the Wreckers

Hooray for the wreckers.
One can see, that what they leave behind
is fertile and grows things.
Hooray for the smashers,
"Too much dead wood, here", they say
"It has to go. Make way for the new"
Hooray for uprooting
the tried and the trusted.
Like so many tin cans that have rusted.
Hooray for cannibalisation
eating our young.
Oh all right, just their futures.
Then hooray to the snakes
as they slither away
to better jobs and bigger pay
Not you old man, not you
These are the dumps where you'll stay.
Now when you can't find a job
and live's getting grim
you're boiling your shoes for later
and reading about  their new salaries
on the front page of the paper.

© Hamich Mack

List of vice-chancellor salaries

Hamish is a 51 year old New Zealander. He has been writing poetry for a couple of years.


  1. I enjoyed this Hamish, it is rich with irony and some great images - the cannibalisation of our young and the snakes are particularly vivid.

  2. Thanks Carolyn. It is unfair of me to put all those people in to the same category but one person on there...I really do not like.