Friday, 9 August 2013

Daniel in the Hyena's Den

his limbs break like sticks
and these protectors
these vermin hurt him
he has no more dreams
only the lonely nights
locked in the room
where pain will come
with demon eyes.

Others see a thin child
nothing more
but much less in soul
they justify
their negligence
by quoting
temporary blindness.

Loveless little boy
whose only sin
is being born
to savages

the night comes
and the darkness
makes him cry
and in that crying
his fate is sealed
as one by one
the blows fall
until there is no
breath to breathe
no heart to beat
no tears to cry

pity etches scars
upon a tiny coffin
we should remember
and, as a nation, mourn him
we, who could not protect
a child
from the clutches
of hyenas

© Ian Whiteley

Daniel Pelka murder: Mother and partner given life

Ian Whiteley was born in Wakefield but lives in Wigan. He is a performance poet and his poetry collection ‘A Step Towards Winter’ was published recently.