Saturday, 31 August 2013

Clarion Call

Why has nothing changed in Georgia
blacks still poor and rich still white?
Justice flows in one direction
veering off from what is right.

When a crime has been committed,
you are guilty if you’re black,
‘I’m innocent, not guilty.’
‘Prove it first.’ - the answer back.’

Yet fifty years have passed now
since that call for freedom spread
to change all for the better -
‘I have a dream.’ he said.

Although there’s been some progress
it has seemed so mighty slow
for all men should be equal
and there’s still some way to go.

But those words are all inspiring,
still around the world we see
others joined in hope aspiring
that  ‘One day we shall be free!’

© Wendy Nicholson

Martin Luther King

Wendy is an ecologist studying plants and animals. She also loves painting and writing poetry.