Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cheesy Chips and a Huge TV

Curious fingers caress, soothe,
trace the curves
admire the hues
depths of purple, blushes red.
                        cheesy chips
                        in Styrofoam
                        no plates to wash
                        in modest homes

an aubergine, that spritely bunch
of purple dusted broccoli.
Pick fresh peas – just enough –
to feed your superiority.
                        that fucking huge
                        wall-mounted TV
                        disturbing the peace
                        of a poor man’s tea

the plastic bags
and ‘smart-price’ tins
and ‘value-added’ crates of
wine. Eat at tables. Socialise.
Safe from
                        foodbank queues and
                        public derision
                        benefit claimants and
                        poor nutrition

supermarket purgatory. Inhale
on deli-spice and herbs and scents
and crystal rows of condiments,
oozing cheese and fresh-shellfish
all the trappings of a rich man’s dish.

© Carolyn Cornthwaite

Carolyn writes poetry and fiction and blogs at She has just finished the first draft of a novel and is slowly recovering. Next time she will write an uplifting tale with a joyous ending