Friday, 16 August 2013


There are luxurious toilets
controlled by a smartphone
which flushes, plays music
with a distinctive tone,
lifts and lowers the lid
then releases fragrances
and does all that is bid.
It is a new technology
done with an application
dispensing with the need
of manual sanitation.
I can’t see how it works,
if you want the truth,
but in order to function
the toilets use bluetooth.
The pin code is hardwired,
meaning it can’t be reset,
so that is why the system
can easily be upset.
I bet you have spotted
the obvious handicap:
anyone can activate it
if their phone has that app.

© Luigi Pagano 2013

Luigi was born in Italy and lives in England. He has published three collection of poems, entitled ‘Idle Thoughts’, ‘Reflections’ and 'Poetry on Tap'.