Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A Nation in Crisis

In the land of Pharaohs
there is confrontation
and opposing factions
are dividing the nation.
One side had made
the initial protest
but now the country
is facing unrest.
The opponents claim
that their policy is best
and to govern once more
is their earnest request.
Tanks are on the streets
to make the conflict cease
but for the time being
there’s no prospect of peace.
There should be harmony
under a united flag
but bullets are the cause
of many a body bag.
Against the military
there’s been a backlash,
their fierce clampdown
is condemned as rash.
The current situation
amounts to idiocy,
there’s only one solution
and that’s diplomacy.

© Luigi Pagano 2013

Luigi Pagano is a contributor to Poetry 24. He has published three printed collections of his poems and his work has been showcased in several anthologies. His author's page can be seen on