Monday, 8 July 2013

This Song's For You, El Presidente

Happy Birthday to you
El Presidente it's true
Your rule is indefatigable,
Happy birthday to you!

Such an honour to be here
As your guest, it's so clear
You are one much-loved leader
This song's for you, my dear

Yet when my people gave me this pitch,
I was baffled, I admit
But once the fee was on the table
I knew this was the right gig

And your country looks so sweet
Happy vibes off the street
Seeped through the Hilton Hotel
Up to my luxury suite

The Champagne was fine
The goat's cheese divine
And the service so punctual
With a smile every time

Nice soldiers everywhere
So helpful, always there
As my limousine sped through town
Without a leave or care

And your people, so polite
No arguments, no fights
When my room was not to my liking
And my steak not cooked right

And this party's so fab
Lots of servants to hand
Cristal chilled to perfection
Gaultier, Dolce and Gab

I love the street parties too
The gunfire's so cute
And the fireworks keep going
Banging all the night through

So happy birthday to you!
Oh, and my fee's overdue
Will you contact my people
This is urgent - thank you!

© Simon Marks

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