Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Future's Bright

Three years ago they told me
‘the future’s guaranteed’,
three years of study was their mantra,
work and riches was their creed.

Three years later on the scrap heap,
a hundred letters sent –
I am your lost generation,
scourge of Europe’s parliament.

My God – what next – a Master’s
of frustration or a Doctor of despair?
Not a Euro for electric, food, clothes, rent –
you can forget about my hair!

You’ll find a job, they tell me,
you're young, literate, highly skilled;
but I’m their lost generation –
out-of-workers, unfulfilled.

I’m not so proud – I’ll sell my
writing, one-fifty Euros for my brain.
I’ll stack shelves in any country,
I don’t want to be a drain

and my family will support me –
we're resilient and close knit.
I turn my back upon your hand-outs
don't want a penny from your State.

So tell me, what’s your future,
is this your Baby Boomers’ dream?
All I see is desperation
whilst the Capitalists get the cream.

This is not my adventure –
wasted youth and forced exile –
I guess I’ll give up
looking, join Europe’s ever-growing pile.

© Carolyn Cornthwaite

Young, qualified and jobless: plight of Europe's best-educated generation

Carolyn writes poetry, flash fiction, short stories and has almost completed the first draft of a novel. She dreams of Booker prizes and a life in France and blogs at