Monday, 15 July 2013

The Arms of America

Do you remember that kid?
The one at your school,
who had it all. Who was
seriously cool and 
looked good, stood tall.
Had the best clothes,
the best music, 
even the best hair.
And you all wanted
 to be like them.
We all grow up, 
and we all mature 
but they seemed 
Very centred, very secure.
Is that them, now?
Down that alley
with a gun in their hand
Just left a seedy bar,
sore as fuck
mad as hell
looking to kill 
and kill some more.
Then they'll walk
and have a nice day.
It's a killer's theme park
done the American way. 

© Hamish Mack

As well as being one of the editors of Poetry24 Hamish Mack and an all round good guy. (Written by Abi since there was no time in which to get a revised bio.)

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