Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunday Review

Monday's poem was "I Beg Your Pardon" by Luigi Pagano. It looked at the move by the Catholic church to award indulgences for Twitter follows of the Pope. Luigi skilfully makes the point about the church adopting this very modern practice but being so very medieval about others.

David Mellor's poem "Wait for it" was the first of poems about the royal Prince. David made good points about the media obsession with the birth and the privileged life the boy will have. The final lines are very memorable  “Oh what a life / You will never see."

Laura Taylor's "Regal Potential' continued the royal theme and gave the benefit of doubt to the baby for now while urging him to "spit on tainted luxury, become a man / of liberty, equality and peace." which would, indeed, be a good thing.

Thursday's poem by Steve Pottinger "369,000" used the royal birth to show that for the other chidren born on that day things would not be so good.  I like this phrase "in homes of plastic and flattened tin /in spat-out estates in lands / whose time has gone."

David Subacchi's "A Royal baby" wrapped up the week by looking at the various perspectives on the baby and asking pertinent questions about the baby and its future.  I liked the structure of the poem and the way the questioners made comments relating to their work.

So a pretty baby-centric week this week. Which is how the news played out and what you reacted to. Which is what we're all about. Beautifully cyclic isn't it? Have a good week folks, in NZ we are starting to get a few cracks in Winter's facade and the temperatures are millimetering up.