Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Regal Potential

The world awaits, the headlines scream,
the herd awaits in dead-eyed glee.
She is delivered;
the future King.
A boy of promise,
a common egg, sovereign seed, an ovary to spark a life, a womb to breed a parasite?

When you grow up to be a man, will you reject the riches tumbled to your lap?

Will you refuse the unjust state of monarchistic privilege, or take the weight of Empire’s stains upon your regal head?

Will you renounce this sceptered gold to overthrow a system put in place by death and robbery?

Open wide the highborn doors and distribute the spoils?
Lift children out of poverty, give dignity to age?

Or learn to wave and smile just so and take for granted all your life
free from hunger, homelessness, redundancy or debt?

You could right so many wrongs, replace ‘what is’ with ‘what could be.’ Free your soul
from purgatory, change the face of history, spit on tainted luxury, become a man
of liberty, equality and peace.

You have potential.
We shall see.

© Laura Taylor

Royal baby: Messages of congratulations flood in after birth

Laura Taylor has been writing and performing poetry for nearly three years and has finally found a space in which to air her grievances with authority.

Note: 'She is delivered' was quoted from the Today programme 22/7/13