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Friday, 19 July 2013

Our Hero

We heard it with shock
that a girl had been shot
and we asked ourselves:
was it part of a plot?
What was behind it,
what was the reason?
She must have committed
the sin of high treason.
The attackers were guilty
of discrimination;
her only demand
was the right to education.
She survived the ordeal
by luck and will power;
her enemies could do nothing
but rage and glower.
She showed to the world
that a girl - a fifteen year old -
could defy prejudice
by being brave and bold.
The efforts to silence her
were bound to fail
given her resistance
to the fanatics’ blackmail.
She addressed the UN
and she said books and pen
scare those extremists,
misogynist men.

© Luigi Pagano

 Shot Pakistan schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai addresses UN


  1. I enjoyed this Luigi, a great testament to Malala. I enjoyed the way you use rhyme to move it along without detracting from the seriousness of the subject

    1. The comment, dear Carolyn, coming from an accomplished poet like yourself, is greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
      I haven't always used rhymes in my poetry but it is a practice that I seem to have followed of late. Whichever style I adopt, my aim is to put the message across.
      I was very impressed and moved by Malala's actions and maturity and that made writing this poem easy.

  2. That's very kind of you to say, Luigi. I actually find the whole poetry writing process very interesting - they are very much like characters in books and tend to evolve as much as be written - what do you think? I rarely rhyme but when I was writing The Future's Bright the first stanza rhymed and then dictated the whole poem. I even avoided the poem for a day because of the rhyme but in the end the poem won.

    1. I did notice the rhyming pattern in your poem, Carolyn, and it did not sound at all forced, in fact it emphasised the argument.
      I must confess that I disregard conventional forms and jot down whatever comes into my head but for Poetry 24 a certain conformance is required and I have to exercise some discipline.
      We all have our quirks and preferences.